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Drum & Dance

An event designed to express with sound and movement the coordination of the group. Through percussion instruments, each group will create different rhythms and dances that will perform to the rest, to join finally in a common choreography. The objective of this activity is to coordinate all the staff of the organization, first in reduced groups, then as a whole, conducted by expert musicians, dancers and communicators.


Through several group events, a civilization must be created. Each group shall have assigned one, and must try to develop some skills or technologies that will enable them to reach their aim. Alliances or clashes among civilizations are foreseeable actions. The objective of this program is the coordination of the group as well as the cooperation with other groups.

Raid de Aventura

We have set an adventure circuit around a reservoir, where skill is tested with Tyrolean traverse, footbridge, archery, kayak, bearings, etc., tests that each group must pass together. Program designed to promote comradeship as well as intuition and improvisation capacities.

Odisea en Ruedas

This program is a combination between a tour 4 x 4, with the starting from the south of Gran Canaria, trough spectacular canyons and off road trails, from where it will be possible to watch the particular relief of the island, it’s vegetation and any reptile (whit same of luck), to arrive to our base camp in the Chira’s dam, where an adventure’s raid will be performed with sports based in rope courses, to show the abilities of anyone of the group members in a healthy and ludic way.
The adventure raid is based with no competition motive, just in a playful way and in an initiation level up to anyone, without risk. Also it can be organized with a competition motive or with a team building techniques.

Treasure Hunt

In this program, the group shall be divided into 10 members teams that, equipped with a route book and a map of the old town (Vegueta) will have to solve questions and tests related with the city, its history, its monuments, its gastronomy and its important figures. Many of these tests shall be performed by monitors or disguised actors, some of them shall be play on words like guessing riddles, or find the treasure counting steps, etc.
All the groups will have the same goal and will dispose of helping materials to reach it: To have fun and do not get lost!
For each of the test passed, the team will get a clue, and gathering ten clues they will find the goal in a certain place of the city. There they will contact with the organization (if they find it).
This program intends to show the city in a playful way and, at the same time, check the degree of collaboration among the participants, as well as their intuition and improvisation qualities.
Any time the teams shall be connected with the organization through radio transmitters, and the organization shall watch over the participants (subliminally), to whom a t-shirt shall be given in order to make easier their identification and as a souvenir of the hunt.

Morgan's Dream

It’s a full day expedition on a ship (10:00 a 17:00), with lunch on board, team building and sports activities, as animation.
We will organize a journey where the participants will dress in costume and emulate a pirates crew, remembering to Henry John Morgan y other Caribbean sea corsairs.
The ship will be chose depending of the number of participants. Only the group will be on board and navigate around the Gran Canaria south beaches.

Photo Safari

The activity consists of a bearings test in downtown. The group shall be divided into 5 members teams, and each of the teams will disposes of a book with several pictures of La Laguna, with its history and a brief explanation of where to find the main subject of each picture (may be buildings, monuments, parks, ports, people, etc.) They shall be given as well a Polaroid instant camera to shot all the pictures with the group (except that one who shots, that will take it in turns).
The winner will be the first team to find and photograph all of the pictures in the book, and gives the photographs in the checkpoint, that must be found as well.
In this program we are looking for the relationship of the participants, their intuition capacity and some more fun.

Super Olimpiadas

The activity consists in a couple of adventure assignments, ability and team building tests. The group will be divided in subgroups of ten persons. Every group will receive a map of the area, where they can find the locations of the stations. Every station will have one of the assignments or tests they have to pass. For every test they have 15 minutes, so the group have to organise itself in the attainment of the tests, to realise them as quickly as possible. The points received in every test and the rules of every test are reflected in the results. The tests are orientated in adventure, ability and team building activities. If a group isn’t able to pass one test within the indicated time limit, they will have to let another waiting group pass and try it again when the other group is finished.
A monitor, who will give the control stamp to the group when they passed the test, will control every station. Every station will have a different number of points to achieve, but everybody have the possibility to obtain the same number of points.
During the program there will be some “surprise performances”, to be communicated to the groups with radio transmitters, where the group can achieve extra points.
The formation of the groups has to be ready before the start of the activity to save time.
This program is based on the stimulation of interrelation between participants, their capacity of intuition and the diversion.

Town to Town

It consists in a car’s orientation trial trough the island, knowing several locations with cultural, tourist or craftsmanship interest. The participants, following an story, will have to find any one of the points that are marked in that one, and fill up a short “questioner” with the name of the town, street, monument, store, etc.
Once they have fill all the enigmas in, they will be able to know were we are waiting them to have lunch. The vehicles will be “cabriolet“ models (we can use other kind of vehicles), to let them to feel at any moment the peculiar weather of the island and get tan. This program don’t look for the velocity, what it looks for is the details retention and to overcome the trails that will help to arrive to the lunch place.
After the lunch the group will have a little excursion trough the most interesting places of the zone.
At any moment a security team will look after the participants, just in case they get lost.

Wet & Dry

The activity consists in a competition between 10 persons teams, who will be divided in two teams, one of them will have to overcome same trials in the coast, and the other part of the team up in the mountain. The teams will be in contact with a cellular communication system.
Each part of the team will get the solutions in his area, communicating them to the other part of the team, in order to follow finding the solutions.
Any enigma resolved, will allow to the team to find a word in order to complete a phrase, which will reveal a component of the lunch’s menu. At the end of the activity the team will be able to eat the dishes that they would discover.

Robinson Games

In this activity the participants will have to find the places where are the different elements to survive like tools, water, food, etc. At the same time they will have to help each other to build a shelter to protect themselves against the inclemency of the weather, enemies, etc. All this in an island (or a lonely beach) with few resources. Every moment the participants will be assisted by a specialized team that will help or to hinder to overcome the different trails. This activity can be enlarged with a bivouac stay.

Sea Raid

This program is based on a half-day activity, which comprise several aquatic trails in an orientation team raid. This program will be developed in the south of every island, with marine and sand environment. The trails, like Snorkell orientation, find buoys in the beach and ability challenges, will be fulfilled by 4 person teams.


This program is based on a half-day activity, which comprises several aquatic trails of team coordination and ability challenges. This program will be developed in the south of every island, with marine and sand environment. 8 person teams will fulfill the trails. Every team will compete against other driving Sea motorbikes, Zodiacs, playing Surf-polo or in a Kayac race.

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