Our Philosophy

We know that each event is a unique moment and our goal is that it is also unforgettable.

We try to share and transmit the ideas and projects of the people and companies that deposit in us their trust and enthusiasm with the maximum quality that this requires.

Our team of professionals works so that each celebration has personality, enthusiasm and emotion, and thus satisfy the needs of each client, surprise them, shape their dreams and contribute to their prestige. Our experience is our guarantee, your satisfaction is our maximum. We adapt to your needs and make attractive proposals.

Exclusive spaces

  • Tao Club & Garden
  • Sotavento Club

  • El Tendedero de Catalina
  • El Secreto

  • Jardines de Tafira

Collaborating spaces

  • Finca Hoya del Pozo
  • Hacienda de Anzo
  • Finca Hoya de San Juan
  • Finca Los Olivos
  • Hotel Mondalón
  • Hotel Melva Suite

  • Hotel Las Calas
  • Hotel Cortijo de San Ignacio
  • Casa Rural El Barbullón
  • Finca Lairaga
  • Bodega San Juan

  • Finca La Consentida
  • La Kasa de Guía
  • Sala Garbo´s
  • Finca La Hermosa
  • Sioux City…


Paseo Alonso Quesada s/n. (Parque Romano)
35006 - Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


669 653 739
658 577 169
Ufficio centrale: 928 24 37 30