Incentives Imagination and surprise are the keys for your incentive travel. Incentives Imagination and surprise are the keys for your incentive travel. Incentives Imagination and surprise are the keys for your incentive travel.

Fun in the Sea


Gran Canaria is a veritable paradise for lovers of the sea and of all the activities that are linked to the sea.

This fact becomes indisputable if one takes account of the fact that the island has been the cradle of some thirty world champions in the various forms of sailing sports and of six Olympic gold medallists, namely José Luis Doreste, Luis Doreste, Roberto Molina, Patricia Guerra, Domingo Manrique de Lara and Fernando León, not to mention the thirteen-time world windsurfing champion, Björn Dunkerbeck.

The water temperature (which varies between 18ºC in winter and 22ºC during the rest of the year), the harbour infrastructure for yachting and the optimal sea and wind conditions make this island the ideal place for practicing sailing and other water sports all year round. In fact, water sports is the most important leisure activity on offer on the island.

Due to the seafaring nature of the people of the Canaries and the importance of the tourism sector, Gran Canaria has developed a very complete harbour infrastructure, which includes marinas and fishing havens. Many of the latter also allow entry to leisure yachts, while all the harbours provide the basic services that make the prolonged mooring of vessels possible, in addition to the possibility of practicing the various water sports.

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A neverending range of possibilities

The 236 kilometres of coastline provide the best conditions for practicing every kind of water sports.

Winds that are ideal for sailing, sea currents that attract large schools of fish to the proximity of the coast and the exquisite sea bottom are the natural conditions that have created one uninterrupted sporting season on Gran Canaria, while, in the rest of Europe, all activities related to the sea come to a complete standstill in winter.

In order to take full advantage of these natural conditions, a comprehensive infrastructure as well as general and special services have been developed to cater for the various maritime disciplines. Practically every corner of the island has a company, club, association or centre that provides mooring for yachts, making it possible for enthusiasts to satisfy their desire to dominate the ocean, slicing through the waves, going on outings, catching prized fishing trophies or immersing oneself in the crystalline immensity of the ocean.

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