Design Plus BEX Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the Canary Islands, aimed at both the business traveller and the city holidaymaker. Today’s BEX Hotel was once, and for many years, the well-known Banco Exterior de España. Even today the inhabitants of Las Palmas refer to the building as “Banco Exterior de España”, hence the name “BEX”. The BEX Hotel also showcases its banking heritage by giving its various bars and restaurant their own financial slang names. Ideally located in the heart of Las Palmas, capital of the island of Gran Canaria, the Design Plus BEX Hotel is a 4-star hotel with 97 new and modernly designed rooms. Guests can enjoy delicious food and drinks at the Design Plus BEX Hotel, starting a day of first-class dining at the Trésor restaurant, and culminating it with a pleasant cocktail while admiring the sweeping views of Las Palmas at the IBEX Rooftop bar. Design Plus BEX Hotel offers its guests both the opportunity to conduct business and to enjoy pleasant city breaks.


C/ León y Castillo
35007 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria


+34 928 971 071