The Jardín de la Marquesa (Garden of the Marchioness) in Arucas is a natural paradise to enjoy and relax. This botanic garden is located in the municipality of Arucas, in Gran Canaria. Here, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of plants and vegetation from all around the world. A gem for nature lovers in an unbeatable location and with an exceptionally good climate all year long.

Standing in the middle of the garden there is a small palace, the family summer residence, featuring a façade covered with basalt stone (blue stone), typical of the area where it is located (Arucas).

The garden was built around 1880 when the Marquis started to collect plant species, some of them endemic and others brought from abroad. Many of these species were expressly brought from different parts of the world, and others were exchanged with aristocratic families of that time. The next generations continued this task and the garden grew.

The Jardín de la Marquesa in Arucas has become a benchmark for all types of events and occasions at any time of the year. Surrounded by exuberant vegetation, it is the perfect setting for any celebration. Guests will be able to enjoy a unique spot amidst nature without stepping away from the comforts of the nearby city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, only 10 minutes away from the Garden.

The beautiful gardens create the perfect setting to hold any kind of event in the heart of nature, guaranteeing quality at all times and an impeccable service.


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